Tomasz Lisowski

My headshot.

I'm a C programmer who approaches problems from first principles and gives code style, documentation, and clarity the attention they deserve.

Some Projects

Falling-Sand Game>
A version of the falling sand game which simulates density, states of matter, state transitions, and other forms of physics-based interaction.
GRTA Esoteric Language
The main design goal for the language was to have absolutely no jump instructions. It works by being able to move up/down along 1 of 4 lanes of execution.
An x86 bootsector demo created for the Lovebyte 2022 demo party. Sizecoded to 512 bytes in assembly.
ILK VSCode Theme
Keeps a very concise set of colors, each with a precise semantic significance, to avoid becoming a confusing rainbow.
Platform Abstraction Layer for Make
Makes it very easy to write platform-independent makefiles by providing an identical set of functions and defines across operating systems.